Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kelowna Graduations Flowers

What's the hottest floral trend for Graduation?

What's in style? Everything...... the sky is the limit!

Today the individual's taste, style, personality and preferences rules over the fashion scene. Gone are the days of conforming to the norm. You choose.... glamorous and elegant, trendy and dripping with bling, electric hot colours or subdued pastels... wear  flawless white orchids in your hair, clouds of babies breathe on your wrist, think stunning roses gathered around your waist, a tumble of calla lilies from your shoulder, a Cleopatra band of gold leaves wrapped around your arm,  pearl studded jasmine florets around your neck,  vibrant green button mums clipped on your shoes and evening bag, or simply carry a dainty  posy of the most fragrant freesia. What will it be? 

Leeanne can help you choose from the unlimited flower and style choices available. You will have the perfect floral accessories for your biggest day yet!

 Shoulder Corsage
Rose Wristlet

Orchid Waterfall
Single Rose Pearl Wristlet
Single Orchid Pearl Wristlet 

Multi-Dendrobium Pearl Wristlet

Roses and Berries Corsage

Question: If you are wearing a corsage, which side is it supposed to be worn on?

Answer: The right side for the lady, the left for the gentleman. Think about how you dance. You wouldn't want to crush your flowers.
Spray Roses and Berries Nosegay

Question: Should your partner's boutonnière  match your body flowers?

Answer: It has been the accepted practice but it is not necessary.

Gerbera, Spray Roses and Nerine Corsage

Question: How can you attach your corsage if you are wearing a strapless dress or a it's made from a very light weight fabric?

Answer: Florists don't have to use pins any more! We now have these terrific magnets that will hold your corsage in place without damaging your gown and without the risk of you getting a nasty little poke.
Sweetheart Roses, Hypericum and Pearl Corsage

Question: Do you order flowers for your Mom and Dads' too.

Answer: Only the best kids do. After all your parents are the ones who helped get you here.
Alstro, Mini-carns, and Callas Wristlet
Daisy and Yarrow Corsage
Gerbera and Orchid Wristlet
Calla Lily, Spray Roses, Hypericum, and Gerbera Corsage
Freesia Corsage
Roses in Delicate Green Corsage

Question: Any ideas for the my partner?
Answer: You bet! Just keeping browsing down.

Alstromeria Bout
Bird of Paradise Bout
Roses and Hypericum Bout
Orchid and Ruscus Bout
Green Bout
Organic Bout
Question: Can the guy's  boutonnières have magnets?
Answer: Yes, the magnets will hold through Tuxedo fabrics too and the guys enjoy their "flower experience" a lot more when they don't have to fight with pins. 

Roses and Nature Bout
Dendrobium Bout
Freesia Bout
Calla Bout

With Lee's experience and your fresh ideas you and your grad partner are going to have the perfect "Graduation Body Flowers".

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Congratulations to this years "GRADUATES" !!!